angry juliaghoulia
Issue #1 finds us fighting against the Over-Protective Mothers Association of America (OPMAA), after Julia Wyner’s son sets himself on fire by accident, trying to light a joint after a show.

Blind to her son’s stupidity, Ms. Wyner takes her complaints online to rally an open forum community meeting, with an effort to rid the city (and perhaps world) of all metal music. Black Metal Girl offers to give all metalheads in her city a fire safety course as a peace offering, with hopes of pleasing the OPMAA. But! Along the way, she is opposed by fire demons, overzealous protestors, and people that have nothing better to do than complain.

Will Black Metal Girl be able to slay these beasts and stand up for the greater good of her community? Will Ms. Wyner and her legion of minions be able to conquer and destroy metal forever? Check back soon to find out!