Welcome to the pit

After many seasons in the abyss, Black Metal Girl has awoken from her slumber, rising from the dense layer of fog that lies beneath her. The time has come for her to show you the gift that she has been given, and the force inside her that she has long awaited to be released.

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Issue #1


San Diego Heavy Metal Swap Meet 2017

Hey All! First we realize the site is all wonky (looks great on the phone though, haha), we are working on getting it fixed but in the meantime... We wanted to let you guys know we are back in action with the Metal Swap Meet down in San D and look forward to seeing you guys there. We will have print issues for both #1 and #2 along with a … (Read more)

A Defender of Mankind

Alastrina is mighty. A force to be reckoned with. A beam of energy that radiates throughout anyone she comes in contact with. Her sole purpose in life has become a never ending effort, to diminish the world of vapid music that has been force fed to society at an astonishing rate... with no change or hope for better. She lives for genuine music, for metal, and will do whatever it takes to keep it alive. Don't f*ck with her.

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