San Diego Heavy Metal Swap Meet 2017

Hey All!

First we realize the site is all wonky (looks great on the phone though, haha), we are working on getting it fixed but in the meantime…

We wanted to let you guys know we are back in action with the Metal Swap Meet down in San D and look forward to seeing you guys there.

We will have print issues for both #1 and #2 along with a metal vinyl giveaway towards the end of the event. So come out, have a free beers, and headbang with us on Saturday April 29th, 12pm-5pm.


The Brutal Adventures of Black Metal Girl – Issue #2: Fun Times At Death Metal High Super Awesome Activity Comic Book is here and ready to entertain, educate and kick your ass!

Sorry we don’t post little stand-by messages, we will work on being more active but don’t think we’ve gone anywhere! Check out Issue #2 now. Learn about the characters, read some funny comics and color some stuff. Let us know what you think on Facebook or below! \m/

Issue #1 Completed – Website Update

Hope you guys had a great week or at least have a great weekend planned! I just wanted to post an update about the comic to keep everyone up-to-date! Issue #1 is done and we are almost ready to party!

We are now in the process of changing the checkout process for the release of Issue #1. We want to make it so that you guys can view it directly from your browser, instead of the extra processes of downloading, finding the file on your computer and then opening it. This change will help to remove any bottlenecks or lag, especially if your Adobe isn’t up-to-date or you just don’t want to download a huge file to your computer.

In other news we will be at a couple conventions/book events later this year in Los Angeles. We will keep you posted as we finalize our appearances. \m/

Comic Con 2015

Alright you guys, it’s been a minute since the last update as we’ve been working super hard to get this issue out. Finally, I am happy (so so so happy) to report all the pages are done and we are just tidying up a few things before release. With that said… FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Myself and my pals will be out in full force handing out stickers, cards, and posters to get the word out on the comic. If that’s the reason you’re here reading this now, thank you SO much for checking out the page and I hope you enjoy the preview!

The full 24 page B&W issue will be out in October, with no final bottlenecks in the way! I will pre-sale the comic digitally in September for all the people I met at Comic-Con and beyond.

Please check out the preview of the comic. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions or ideas! The roof is about to blow off this sucker and I cannot wait to party with you all very soon. Be sure to check out the Facebook page, as I will be updating and posting pictures there this weekend while I am at Comic-Con 2015. \m/