Comic Con 2015

Alright you guys, it’s been a minute since the last update as we’ve been working super hard to get this issue out. Finally, I am happy (so so so happy) to report all the pages are done and we are just tidying up a few things before release. With that said… FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Myself and my pals will be out in full force handing out stickers, cards, and posters to get the word out on the comic. If that’s the reason you’re here reading this now, thank you SO much for checking out the page and I hope you enjoy the preview!

The full 24 page B&W issue will be out in October, with no final bottlenecks in the way! I will pre-sale the comic digitally in September for all the people I met at Comic-Con and beyond.

Please check out the preview of the comic. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions or ideas! The roof is about to blow off this sucker and I cannot wait to party with you all very soon. Be sure to check out the Facebook page, as I will be updating and posting pictures there this weekend while I am at Comic-Con 2015. \m/

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